The Secret Venue, Pearson Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 3BL

PURE! Terms & Conditions

The Secret Venue is introducing these new Under 18s Nights to create a safe and fun environment for those aged 12 to 17. With live music, various/video games and DJs. Each event will start at 7pm and end at 10:30pm, unless specified.

We will take your photo upon arrival at your first session so that we can make an ID card for you and possibly your parent/carer. These photo's won't be used for any other purpose.

The events will be an alcohol and smoking free zone.

We reserve the right to search bags; any alcohol or cigarettes will be confiscated, and those in possession may be asked to leave. We will also inform parents.

Anyone leaving the building will be required to pay the entry fee again, as we will not tolerate loitering outside the venue. As it could mean attendee's may be attempting to smoke or bring alcohol into the venue.

In case of an emergency, we will contact the number of the parent/carer specified upon registration. If we cannot get in touch with the first number given, we will contact the second contact given.

If we are unhappy with the behaviour of any attendees we will contact the parent/carer with our concerns. In extreme cases we will terminate your registration and the child will not be allowed to attend future sessions.

We are happy to take suggestions on activities, entertainment or drinks.

We will be trying our utmost to make these nights fun and entertaining for those attending. There will be live bands performing, DJs, music all night long as well as non-alcoholic cocktails, various juices and other drinks available.

We will not be held responsible for any specific child, they should remain in the venue from the time parents/carers drop them off to the time parents/carers come to pick them up at the end of the night.

We will have a sign in and sign out sheet upon arrival/departure from The Secret Venue.

As we are a charity, we cannot afford any damage to equipment or the venue itself. In case of damage done on purpose, we will be sending the bill home.

We're keen to give anyone a chance, especially as there are so little events that under 18s can attend in the local area. We will not tolerate damage or anyone trying to cause trouble, but for those just wanting somewhere to go and have a good time, we will try our best to make each event better.